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For this production, I did all of the character animation, some of the effect animation. And together with Witte van der Tempel, I rigged all of the characters. I also helped out a bit as assitant compositor.

Valk Productions presents a Ultrashort animation by Diederick Geers, Jelle Janssen and Jasper Loos in collaboration with Anikey Studios.

Title: Cliffhanger

Running time: 2'15"
Release: September 2020

Written and directed by: Jasper Loos, Diederick Geers & Jelle Janssen
Producer: Valk productions, Richard Valk & Eline van Hagen
Production assistant: Jasper Loos

Storyboard: Diederick Geers
Character designs: Geert Rutten
Color scripts: Karin van Zon

Production: Anikey Studios
Line producer: Janneke Meekes
Production assistant: Witte van der Tempel

Assistant director: Albert 't Hooft
Rigging: Lieke Wouters & Witte van der Tempel
Animation: Lieke Wouters
Layouts & Backgrounds: Jelle Brunt
Compositing: Witte van der Tempel
Composting assistant: Lieke Wouters
Edit: Witte van der Tempel

Music: NOZEM
Sound design, foley & mastering audio: Bob Kommer Studios