Digital Painting, full scene. Arti saves Erin.

Digital Painting, full scene. Arti saves Erin.

"CRACK, the second blast. Then the sound of arrows and blades finding their mark, of fire burning web, spider and man alike, is all you can hear.
Esha still stands, heaving, as the last of the spiders drops, a sizzling mess. The artificer storms past. “Give me the scroll” he demands. Effortlessly the elf throws it to the tiefling, now a dishevelled mess of a man. Arti makes his way to Erin, offering a quick prayer to Gax as he rubs the magic out of the scroll and into his twitching fingers. Power crackles through the cavern, life arcs from man to woman. A sigh. A smile."
- Written by Tijmen Jansen

I painted an epic scene from our D&D campaign. A practice in lighting, composition and character/costume design. Digitally painted using Photoshop and Procreate.