Trouble in Mind - Short by Marlyn Spaaij

This clip has been released on Marlyn's instagram. A little sneak peek of what's to come!

I have been working on this production as an animator, compositor and overall tech/harmony/nerd since december 2020.

Trouble in Mind
in production
Lucille, a 14-year-old alligator, finally gets to spend the summer with her estranged father Bill, a blues guitarist. She joins him and his band on tour to help out as a roadie and looks forward to spending time with him. She hopes playing the guitar together and learning to play his hit-song: Cold Blooded Woman will help build a better relationship. On stage Bill is charming, but getting close to Bill is not what she expected as she discovers the true meaning behind his music.

Geplaatst doorMarlyn Spaaij30 januari 2020Geplaatst inShorts
Director & writer: Marlyn Spaaij
Producer: Jantiene de Kroon
Production company: Mooves
Script coach: Nadja Dumouchel
Storyboard: Marlyn Spaaij
Concept art: Marlyn Spaaij, Jan Cleijne

Trouble in Mind is Marlyn's 11 minute 2D short film. The film has been in development since 2015, writing the script and working on the storyboards. The project got selected for European Short Pitch 2016 and won the prize for best pitch.